Treatment is based on Clinical Need rather than a rigid adherence to a time frame, good timekeeping is important and if time allows some overrun might be expected if your case requires it; overruns are not charged extra. Appointments are booked at 30 minutes or multiples thereof and cover admin, record keeping, case history information, examination and treatment (if appropriate).

All Osteopathy Appointments - £50

Allergy, Dysbiosis, and biochemical Kinesiology appointments are initially £95 for the 1st hour and follow up at £50 per half hour, this does not include any supplements advised. Includes 3 week email support to answer any concerns that might arise from following the routine.

Allergy Test and Clinical Ecology - £95

Payments by Bank Transfer preferred, in advance or within 7 days please, to Mr A M Knight. Ordinary account type, 20-99-40, 70558184 with the reference being the date of the appointment you are paying for. No card processing facilities available.

No retail stock of Supplements or Rehabilitation equipment is kept (I believe this to be a conflict of interest) so patients are advised of what is recommended, where this might be obtained, and will then be responsible for sourcing this themselves. Links to suppliers are in the links page.

Other applied kinesiology services available, please see the Applied Kinesiology Page for more information.

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